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The Champion School

Dekalb County Schools


Champion Theme MS STEM  

The STEM initiative represents a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics programs and curriculum that provide students with an opportunity to learn more about careers in these fields. Georgia Department of Education has a program dedicated to increasing STEM program participation and certification in schools. 

 Click the link below to navigate to the CTMS STEM Academy website:

Champion STEM encourages student INNOVATION paired with the support to cultivate creativity that withstands current and future technological demands.

Champion STEM scholars are prepared for the real world by being immersed in collaborative experiences with their peers. TEAM PLAYERS perform well in STEM-focused instruction and careers.

Our STEM scholars indulge their CURIOSITY in discovery learning. Engineers solve problems and in order to facilitate solutions, one must first ask several questions.

Champion STEM instructors are aware that successful, substantial designs and products take time. STEM scholars are exposed to the healthy approach of PERSISTANCE and patience. Our students learn to push through challenges and obstacles by manner of trial and error.