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About Ms. Chantae Mapp

I believe that you will never truly be fulfilled unless you are walking in your given purpose and being a teacher is my purpose. A factor that influenced me to become a teacher was that I wanted to put an end to the stereotype that where you are from determines your outcome. As a child, I had no prior knowledge of college or anything beyond my views of Candler Road, so my biggest role models were my teachers. I watched how they carried themselves, the passion they had for teaching, and the love they had for their students. I knew then that I wanted to become a teacher. I believe my greatest contribution is to become that same inspiration in my students lives as my teachers were to me.

My philosophy of teaching is to improve the lives of children in all aspects of teaching, learning, coaching, and mentoring, because children are our greatest resource. I want to be able to share my knowledge and ideas as well as my trials and tribulations with my students to develop a sense of commonality. Our society today is plagued with so many displaced values and morals and I want to be living proof to my students as to what hard work and dedication will lead to.

-Ms. Mapp

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